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Review: Red Lanterns #9

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 05/03/2012 - 08:21

Red Lanterns rule with rage, and there is plenty of that in this week’s issue. Red Lanterns #9 features more taunts, threats, just plain bellowing and war decrees than the Thor movie, and that is saying something.

I thought when writer Peter Milligan began this saga, we would have something uplifting playing in Atrocitus set against all this backdrop of hatred, doom and gloom. Otherwise, the Red Lanterns remain the villains they have been painted and little or naught comes of Big A’s resolution to seek vengeance for the injustices in the DCnU.

That may still be the plan, but it is coming off as something totally different, at least in this week’s book.

The jest of it is that Atrocitus uncovers the conspiracy that has been forming behind his back since issue #2, and also that same is connected to the rising of Abysmus.

It is either death for every member of the corps, or -- well, let’s just say I will be interested to see how my beloved Stormwatch team handles Big A & Co. next month.

I must say the art of Tomas Giorello deserves kudos for carrying this rather volatile mish-mash to an interesting conclusion, but I wish colorist Nathan Eyring could’ve toned down the reds and yellows at some juncture. Just reading through the high volume fire engine reds gave me Excedrin Headache #3!

All in all, not one of the better issues of Red Lanterns, but with Apollo, Midnighter & Crew headed to these pages next month, you better believe this cosmic comics lover will be right here and on board.