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Review: Red Lanterns #2 (Milligan & Benes)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 10/06/2011 - 15:48

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Atrocitus as a villain. But this new life-purpose of answering the great rages of the universe is so cool, so Vigilante (remember him?) that I am finding myself drawn into this new characterization.

And what is cool is that, unlike a lot of other characters from diverse comic universes taken down the same road, Atrocitus remains a badass!

Writer Peter Milligan is using the origin of the Red Lanterns’ leader in very creative ways, both last issue and this time around in Red Lanterns #2. Atrocitus looks at a world which he sees as a universe in microcosm and learns through the eyes of an innocent what cries of rage are truly worthy, more worthy than the rest.

As he doles out punishment for that rage, he also learns from his victim (?), a dying man, that it is a complicated universe and not all solutions are black and white, as Atrocitus formally saw them.

I expected some great cosmic action from this mag with its New 52 launch, and that we are getting in plenty thanks to Mr. Milligan and the talents of artists Ed Benes, Rob Hunter and Nathan Eyring. What I did not expect was the deep characterization for Atrocitus and the morality play we are enjoying. Keeping this bunch away from the other ring-bearers of the Green Lantern universe, at least for its beginning issues, is a great move.

At the end of #2 comes a decision I knew Atrocitus would have to make at some point. And although we know who will answer this call because of future solicitations, it will be fun to watch it occur.

Red Lanterns is white-hot, and any Cosmic fan that has not jumped on board should do so ASAP.