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Review: Red Lanterns #10

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 06/06/2012 - 17:49

For those like me who love crossovers (in moderation) and who have been waiting for some DC cosmic guys to take on our now-in-the-DCU Stormwatch, Red Lanterns #10 is the issue for you --. and me!

The best of Peter Milligan’s Red Lanterns to date, this issue runs deep into the rage which is affecting everyone around Atrocitus as well as a continuation of Stormwatch #9 which also saw the covert non-superhero group take on a Red Lantern on Earth.

I know everyone at CBN misses Guardians of the Galaxy, but Stormwatch does keep the flavor and general mission of that late, lamented (well, maybe) title. And on board Red Lanterns this month is former Guardians artist Miguel Sepulveda who is regrettably moving here from Stormwatch. Say it ain't so, Miguel!

This is quite an adventure and my favorite, as I said, of the title’s run since September. We have gotten to know the motivations of Atrocitus and several of his Lanterns and it is now that everything is about to explode that Stormwatch makes its move in an investigation of its own.

If you like cosmic derring-do and a lot of cosmic hemorrhaging, Red Lanterns #10 is for you.