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Review: Reasonably Priced Comics #3: Voyaga

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Fri, 07/29/2011 - 11:11

The strange journey of astronaut Dean Kirkland continues in Reasonably Priced Comics #3: Voyaga, not among the stars but among the jungles and primitives of his own home planet.

First, a little background for the uninitiated:

Born in current time, Kirkland dreams of making it to the stars. Through hard work and wartime experience, the flyer makes the grade to NASA and, when a U.S.president finally has a new vision for this country, Kirkland is first on board for an era of outer space discovery.

Near the 100th anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon, Kirkland prepares to head to a neighboring star where an Earth-like planet has been discovered. He undergoes cryogenic sleep for a thousand years and, as he sleeps and dreams in his modern rocket ship, the world goes horribly wrong.

Kirkland awakens to a world he never made, finding that he is an alien on his own birth world: Earth of the 31st century!

Captured by primitive humans, Kirkland is led to a village more civilized than he imagined. Here he is befriended by an authority figure, Scientist, who hears Kirkland’s tale and, despite popular opinion, returns with him to his rocket ship tower at “Can’a’vral” to determine if his origin story is truth.

There is more than a little eerie feeling as you read writer Brandon Barrows’ futuristic nightmare tale, eerie because it is not far from what one expects might happen in a near future on our world. Voyaga is one of those spooky Twilight Zone-like adventures that readers may someday expect around the next turn of a corner.

Of course, Ionic continues to deftly capture the nuisances and subtleties of Barrow’s script and bring them to life. While there is some action, the key to the art in this strip thus far has been depth of character via great facial compositions and imaginative panel arrangements.

Voyaga is definitely an adventure I am anxious to continue. Let us hope the people of 31st century Earth give Kirklandthat chance!