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Review: Flashpoint: Project Superman #1

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 06/28/2011 - 16:11

As we learned in the first two issues of "Flashpoint," this alternate DC Universe has no Kryptonian; however, they do have a super man!

The story is one we've all seen before; a man, Sinclair (have we seen him before?!), becomes overwhelmed by a set of given powers, and is forced to be dealt with as he becomes a threat to the vary people that created him. This is "Captain America" taken to the extreme, where instead of saving the day, the newly created being just destroys it.

I'm a sucker for these super powered stories and characters - so I loved it. While the premise is routine, Snyder and Francis give it a fresh spin as Sinclair has powers that are...somehow familiar. Through Sinclair's thoughts and use of powers, we are witness to the transition of the dedicated soldier in admiration of General Lane, to the threat he has become - and it is not just a physical threat - which makes this all the more intriguing. Intriguing in that you need to keep in mind what we learned about Superman from Barry Allen in Flashpoint, and the timeline given to us in this book - and I shall say no more!

What makes the issue all the more better is the art from Gene Ha! Mr. Ha follows the same format as his art changes with the transition of Sinclair's character. Don't take this the wrong way when I say it's Steve Rogers meets Goku from Dragon Ball Z - but gone bad! Basically, if you are not familiar with DBZ, Goku gets powered up to the max and kicks lots of ass. Ha shows Sinclair's power building and building, where at the end of the book, Sinclair looks vastly different then where he began. In addition, Ha mixes in the "super" power elements to give us a different take than what we have been used to with a certain big blue. It worked, and as I said, I loved it!

I for one cannot wait until the next issue, and it's just Superman I want to read about - it's to see what becomes of this Sinclair. Snyder, Francis and Ha have given us a sure winner with this "Flashoint" tie-in.