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Review: Marvel Comics Point One #1

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 11/09/2011 - 10:44

Warning: Spoilers


Marvel's much hyped, much publicized and much advertised "Rosetta Stone" for 2012 is here with Point One #1.

So, does it live up to all the hype?

The answer is a resounding -- No!

Marvel offers us seven stories, with six looks into what may or may not be the future of the Marvel U. via The Watcher's portal on the moon. This reveals new storylines, returning characters and what we just might see come 2012. In short, the potential was there for something really big. However, I felt the issue failed to provide anything worthwhile to garnish the reader's attention -- my attention. There were no "Ooohh!" moments. There was no "Wow!" effect. The issue fell flat in not only storylines, but art-wise as well.

Framing Sequence: Behold The Watcher

The issue begins with a Kirby-esque approach with The Watcher seemingly in a comatose state. Two astronauts are making their way to his archives searching for something their leader could use against the Ominipotent being. While there, they decide to take a peak into the Watcher's portal, and see that The Watcher has been viewing -- what may or may not be -- possible futures. 

This story bookends the issue and also has an entry in the middle. It's the best of the bunch as it succeeds in making you want to know more. Who are these guys? What exactly do they want? And who is behind their reason for being there?!

Good job by Brubaker and Pulido.

Nova: Harbinger

Not sure what it is about Marvel and their cosmic characters and books, but the House of Ideas seems short on handing out info when it comes to Marvel Cosmic. This time around it's more of the same as we are witness to a Nova  -- seen for the first time since Richard Rider disappeared in The Thanos Imperative -- warning Terrax about an oncoming threat. The issue doesn't provide any info as to if it is Rider or not, but does hint that it takes place in an Alternate U. with mention in regards to the Nova Corps. It reads as if it is not Rider, and seems to insinuate that this Nova will make his way to Marvel 616 replacing Rich, and warning them about the Phoenix.

We also see as Terrax's homeworld is overtaken by the Phoenix Force, Nova mutters "Epic Fail." 

**Begin Rant**

"Epic Fail?"

Another Marvel Cosmic character failing, not being good enough etc. etc? I'm sick to death of it.

What's an epic fail is the fact that Marvel canceled Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova without giving them any promotion or attention. Now, we see a new Nova headlining your big "Point One" issue that resembles Nintendo's Mega Man more than anything. In addition, most likely this depowered version of Nova will be making his way to Marvel 616 to warn them about the Phoenix. Let me guess: He makes his way to earth and grovels at Captain America's feet.

Now that's an epic fail.

**End Rant**


Age Of Apocalypse: The Myth Of Man

This sees the introduction of a new team, the X-Terminated. In short, a Nicky Fury-esque character by the name of Krakken was responsible for mass genocide of humans. A team of mutants is all that is left to fight for the human race etc.

Not a big mutant fan here, so I was left kind of lost reading this. There are some familiar names: Graydon Creed, William Stryker and others I didn't recognize -- all with cool new costumes and codenames. Their further adventures take place in Uncanny X-Force, which is a great read and one I am a few behind on, so there is potential.

Scarlet Spider: The Scarlet Thread

The Scarlet Spider did some bad things previously, he regets them, stops a bank robbery and now he sets himself on a new path. One like Peter Parker. But not Peter Parker.

Coldmoon & Dragonfire: Yin & Yang

Two mutants are separated at birth. They are part of a top secret project to be used as a weapon. One has has the power of ice, the other fire; hence, Yin and Yang. They end up breaking free, uniting and becoming Avengers. 

Wonder Twin powers activate?

And guys, that last panel was absolutley corny as heck.

Doctor Strange: The Shaman of Greenwich Village

Not sure what the point of this one was as we already know about Fractions Defenders hitting this December.

Here, what I took as an alt U. Doc Strange has a vision of himself being part of the Defenders and learns the Universe is in trouble.

You think?

The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

This one wasn't all bad as we see Ultrons make their way to, what I assume is, the Avengers hideout. Sounds as if in the future Ultron has take completely over and is targeting the heroes. However, the Avengers have "paid" off Ultron so the Ultrons aren't supposed to be attacking! 

Now that sounds sort of interesting. I suppose it might be more interesting if I read Bendis' Avengers books, which I do not.

Final Thoughts:

Could be the issue wasn't targeted at me. As you can tell, I'm not interested in a majority of the characters in the issue, and the one that I was came off miserably.

However, with this being a good jumping on point I would think Marvel would have given us a little more in regards to what is to come. 

We do get a double page ad where we can find more from Ultron, the Defenders, X-Terminated and the Scarlet Spider -- but no Nova.

Epic Fail.

Save your 6 bucks, kids.

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