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Review: Planet of the Apes Spectacular #1

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 07/31/2013 - 18:14
Things seem calm, but as usual tensions are about to explode on the Planet of the Apes in BOOM's daring summer spectacular! And this time, either mankind or ape society might have stood their last stands.
As before, everything seems to revolve around two "sisters" of fate: Sully, leader of a band of humans and now mayor of the City Tree, and Alaya, once the "Voice" of ape society and now a fallen foe. Now Alaya faces an execution most dread for crimes against ape society while Sully discovers that the enemy of her enemy is not necessary ... well, you know. Two different sides of the same coin, spinning.
Writer Daryl Gregory does not miss a beat as his epic tale of one of filmdom's most beloved sci-fi treasures creates emotions in the reader as well as from both sides -- man and ape -- as a third party with an ace up its sleeve could bring the whole magilla (pun intended) crashing down.
The suspense and drama are personal here, and each character maintains their individual voice under Gregory's pen. As usual for the scribe, great care is also taken to reflect the genre from which the comics sprang.
That is, of course, enhanced by the dull and dusty artwork of Diego Barreto. Not meant to be a slight, Barreto captures the hapless outdoor mood of the films while still releasing emotion in all characters, human and ape. He is aided by the excellently subdued pallette of Darrin Moore; brilliant!
It's nice to see these apes back. Fantastic read!