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Review: Planet of the Apes #8

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 11/17/2011 - 19:26

I keep telling myself this BOOM! Studios series based on the film franchise cannot get any better, and then I thumb through Planet of the Apes #8 and the past issues are topped again.

Honestly, I do not see how writer Daryl Gregory and artist Carlos Magno keep the quality so high in this magazine issue after issue. They not only set the bar high, but they raise it with every successive issue.

In #8, the results of both Sullivan and Alaya’s machinations do indeed change both women’s lives forever. Meanwhile, the human population sees little more in their future than fire, death, imprisonment and slavery. Still, they fight on!

Alaya’s plan to control the humans of Southtown has begun, but Sullivan and her resistance are burrowed in and ready for combat. What will be the costs of this war between ape and human, and who will suffer for it the most? And who is the Ghost Battalion?

Gregory has done a wonderful job of giving characters, both apes and humans, their own voice in this mag while Magno’s art continues to blow me away with its complexity. Sometimes I forget I am not watching another installment in the Apes films. Kudos also to colorist Nolan Woodard for the great muted tones which continue to heighten the mood of this book and embellish so well the art of Magno.

This is one of those special books you never wanna miss, especially sci-fi lovers. Get on board the A(pe)-train today!