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Review: Planet of the Apes #7

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 10/27/2011 - 09:26

Skintown is on the brink of destruction. Ammo and weapons are at the lowest for the humans and even the holy man Kale has not the arms to help Sullivan and her band as the Apes begin to celebrate their holiest of days.

It is the Eve of Caesar’s Day and the Apes, for once, are relaxing their aggressions – or at least most are. It is then the humans strike back with their technologies of the past.

On Caesar’s Day, the Voice Alaya, granddaughter to the assassinated Lawgiver, gives an annual speech, the tale of Caesar, the tale of reunion and peace-making. But in her heart, this year, the words seem to ring untrue.

Honestly, Planet of the Apes might be one of the best, most genuine sci-fi books I have ever read. If the movies were half as loyal to comic content as this comic is to the Apes franchise, they would be the same blockbusters but ones with a difference.

Issue #7 continues scribe Daryl Gregory’s extremely loyal and unique interpretation of the action on the Planet of the Apes. In each panel, in each word, you can feel the drums of war beating as you watch the human population slowly, slowly being dominated by their genetic brethren.

Again, the wonderful pictures and panel arrangements of artist Carlos Magno carries Gregory’s script where no comic has ever gone before, at least with a film franchise. And the muted tones of Nolan Woodard perfectly paint the depression of Skintown, one of the human’s last refuges, but suddenly brighten as the action heats up. A truly noticeable expression of comics craftsmanship.

I think we all know where this arc will take us and what we are getting ready for, but the joy is in the ride not the destination, right? And this is one joyful ride!