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Review: Planet of the Apes #6

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 09/22/2011 - 17:24

The feel of this book never ceases to amaze me. For a project that started out as both a homage and promotion of a film series, the comic book Planet of the Apes has come into its own. Even without the vast library of film to draw on, this sci-fi smash would be a great read and feast for the eyes.

Issue #6 continues the tenuous balance between peace and power among the declining human populace and the burgeoning ape society. With the beloved Lawgiver dead and his assassin having become a martyr for humankind, the apes are reeling as things heat up in the swamps and lands around Skintown.

Meanwhile, Sullivan, the acknowledged leader of the remaining humans, is hoping to use that queer duck and religious-minded magi Kale to even the score.

This second arc of the series is moving at a driving pace, so the exciting moments have great impact and the quiet ones do not slow the adventure but are savored for being just that: lulls in the storm of war!

I cannot say enough about this treatment of the film franchise by writer Daryl Gregory. His unknown cast (for the most part) with issue #1 already has distinct voices and minds. Some other properties are barely off the ground by issue #6; Apes already has a great arc under its belt and is building another now.

The art of Carlos Magno, enhanced by the muted tones of colorist Darrin Moore, continue to deliver Gregory’s work to us on a very welcomed and surprising silver platter. From hatred to swampy mess to riveting action, Magno and Moore are handling them all with great aplomb.

Again, I hope this Apes series is successful. If you are looking for a great read and a 53rdtitle, this might just be up your alley oop!