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Review: Planet of the Apes #5

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 08/31/2011 - 22:09

With the Lawgiver dead, the relationship between the evolving society of Apes and the devolving society of humankind could not be worse. The strain is great for those trying for peace, and now the drums of war can clearly be heard.

A battle for this planet is coming, you can feel it.

With a new arc, Planet of the Apes #5 continues to pay homage to the great movie series of the same name while also giving great promotion to the film’s current incarnation.

As the chosen ones of their people – Alaya and Sullivan – vie for the same thing in different ways, this growing cast of characters can plainly be seen wandering the path most traveled as differences blossom into prejudice and hatred.

In all times, they say, there is revolution. It seems to be coming soon here.

Writer Daryl Gregory’s script is as tight as it gets. I do not know how much time the novelist spent studying the Ape films, but you can feel the dust in your nostrils when you read this book.

And needless to say, the art continues to be perfect with Carlos Magno capturing the essence of those film classics on the printed page, aided and abetted by the muted tones of colorist Nolan Woodard. Superb!

BOOM! Studios has a real joy here in these pages. And hey! This month it only costs – wait for it -- one buck! Celebrate!