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Review: NINO Nova #22

Posted By: timelord
Fri, 10/31/2014 - 08:13

This one belongs on the shelf right next to My Little Pony so all the 8-year-old girls can get a copy.  Really – IT IS THAT BAD.  How any self-respecting, mentally-competent adult male can continue to buy this trash and visit comic book forums to insist that it is a good concept is beyond all reasonable understanding.  Of course, the zombies who insist on defending this trash mostly congregate at shill sites like CBR and freely admit that they’ve actively avoided reading good cosmic, so that speaks for itself.

The art has long been the ONLY saving grace of this book.  No so this time.  It is “god-awful” to say the least.  Painfully bad on the eye.  Amateurish.  Curiel does the best he can coloring, but he doesn’t have much to work with, and it shows.

Duggan reaches a new low with this issue that features NINO going trick or treating with the X-Kids, and all of them using their super-powers to bully some non-super-powered teens who are stealing candy from youngsters.  Really, Duggan?  That’s your story?  Pathetic.  I’ve seen Scooby-Doo episodes which were better written.  Do everyone a favor and stick to writing Deadpool.  You’re not a cosmic writer.  Or better yet, stay with NINO – because stories like this are bound to send sales through the floor and end with NINO’s well-deserved cancellation.

Just as I predicted, in a The Guns of Will Sonnet rip-off, Duggan writes Jesse “just missing” connecting with his family via telepathic link.  I bet there’s a lot more of those near misses where this one came from.  That type of plot element gets old fast.  Hey Duggan, even in The Guns of Will Sonnet the grand-father and grand-son searching for James found him before the end of the first season.

Of course, at the end of this issue, Cap telephones NINO’s mom and asks her to send NINO out to help the Avengers.  And she does with her blessing.  Really?  So Cap is an irresponsible idiot just like NINO’s mom, huh?  Inviting an un-trained, irresponsible minor with powers of mass destruction out on a mission?  Preposterous.  Stupid.  Intelligence-insultingly implausible.  Not to mention, immoral to send a minor child into combat.  Cap must be demented – because he should know better than to so endanger not only a child, but also the mission and the public he is sworn to protect.

And those still buying and supporting this puerile trash in any way should know better, too.  Especially if you’re a fan of the true Nova, Rich Rider.   Join the rest of us in boycotting NINO.  Let’s send Marvel a clear message that enough is enough and send into cancellation this ongoing insult to cosmic in general and the Nova concepts and legacy in particular.