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Review: NINO #31

Posted By: timelord
Sun, 05/31/2015 - 14:49

Happy Day!  This trash book is finally over!  It can now be relegated to the dust bin where it and other bad memories belong.  Hopefully, Brevoort and Alonso will join it there when their Secret Wars event flops.

The art is particularly bad this issue.  I have always hated this Manga-ized version of the Nova uniform, but NINO looks particularly stupid in it this issue.  In some panels, his neck is the size of a pencil.  When his helmet is off, he has Dumbo-sized ears.  I guess that’s the source of his flight powers.

The story is just as dumb as always with NINO improbably beating a much more powerful and experienced fighter after his actions place Earth in danger.  I, as always, was rooting for the villain.  The perfect ending to this story would’ve been NINO’s death.  Sadly, he survives.  And his unfit parents look to be letting him continue to wear the helmet.  Hey Marvel, this isn’t entertainment.  It’s a tragic example of why kids shouldn’t have super-powers and shouldn’t be soldiers/cops – and why unfit parents shouldn’t have kids.  Not to mention an example of why Duggan shouldn’t be allowed to write cosmic.

Rocket Racoon and Beta Ray Bill have cameos in this issue – showing up just in time to keep NINO’s screw-up from laying waste to Earth.  Yet literally thousands of fairly large asteroids are shown left circling Earth – with no indication that NINO actually cleaned any of them up.  Irresponsible?  I guess anyone can be made an Avenger these days.   At least NINO’s upcoming Avenger book will have a short life span.  Maybe after that, Marvel will give up on this failed experiment.

NINO’s gone, and good riddance to him and his fans.  It’s been too long in coming and he won’t be missed.  Leave this one on the shelf.  Nothing to see here.  And the last issue needs to go out selling less than 18K to ice the NINO failure cake and send Marvel a clear message:  No more NINO’s!