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Review: New Avengers #21

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 02/15/2012 - 16:26

After several months of mish-mash, a strong battle between Ragnarok (AKA Clor) and the New Avengers highlighted this action-packed issue. #21 truly contains all the right elements for an Avengers classic, including the protesting mob outside the gates of Avengers Mansion, public sentiment toward their super-powered protectors (hitting a mother in the head while she is carrying a baby??!!), the brilliant behind-the-scenes actions of Norman Osborn and the understanding he has of the American public and how it is molded by the media.

What else could you ask for, except that always-brilliant Mike Deodato artwork!

Despite my rumblings of early, this HAMMER saga may turn out to be Brian Michel Bendis’ finest hour! And now I am already starting to miss his in-depth plotting and intricate characterizations of our heroes, even if it was sometimes plopped in the middle of too many talking heads.

We will miss you, Brian.

The battle between Clor and Wolverine with its fallout and Spidey’s hysterical commentary amidst all this seriousness was priceless! And Iron Fist --! W-O-W. I do not think Brian could’ve squeezed out another piece of characterization even if he put the pages of #21 through a wringer!

Bendis may soon be going out, but boy, is he going out strong!