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Review: New Avengers #17

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 10/12/2011 - 16:01

New Avengers#17 was full of action, full of wonderful art and we even got to see an unusually powerful portrayal of Dr. Strange and spent a few moments with Mr. HAMMER himself, Norman Osborn.

So why did I not devour this issue as if a full meal? Why was I still hungry, why was there still room for dessert? Plain and simple, besides a knock-down drag-out with a dusted-off Ultimo and Norman getting a sample of Wolverine’s mutant DNA(certainly foreshadowing something for our Assemblers’ future even darker than Ultron perhaps), nothing happened.

Architect List. Lessee: Spidey jokes, check. Wolverine berserker, check. Strange and some magic, double check! Villains finally shown, check.

But writer Brian Michael Bendis forgot one thing in the list for New Avengers #17: something should happen!

If this was a set-up for the coming return of the Dark Avengers next issue, it was a bad one. If this was supposed to be a Roy Thomas let’s-see-‘em-as-folks issue, also a baddy. If this was just to let us rest after Fear Itself, I didn’t even read it.

For an issue I was looking forward to following the “event,” this was really a bust. Big-time.

The good? The great art by Mike Deodato and Will Conrad was off the charts! So much detail, so much fun to the action. Trouble is, I like a little cake with my ice cream.

All in all, not a stinkeroo issue, but it could’ve been much, much better.

I am leaving now. For some reason, I am hungry, all of a sudden.