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Review: New Avengers #15

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Mon, 08/15/2011 - 16:44

I don’t know what keeps me coming back to New Avengers, especially during these fill-ins revolving around Fear Itself, an event I am not even following.

Perhaps it is because of my familiarity with its core characters who, like me, really came to life in the 1970s. Perhaps it is because New Avengers was the first title I purchased and collected after a 10-year hiatus (sorry, Cosmic fans) from comic books. And perhaps it is that “family feel” writer Brian Michael Bendis has infused into the book, especially after Siege.

After all, these characters were linked together in Defenders, Marvel Two-in-One and other ‘70s classics and they do have a history, as Luke Cage points out. And I think that feel makes me excited over every issue.

Issue #15 is no exception as we focus on Squirrel Girl, her past desires, her realities and where Baby Cage fits into her life. I was quite surprised, not knowing the character well, at how well she did in combat, both real and practiced. I was very impressed.

All these threads culminated as the Uber-Nazis hit Manhattan and all Squirrel Girl could think of was -- the baby! She clawed her way through thick and thin so an Avengers team of which she is not a member could assemble. That, my friends, is a true hero!

Again, Mike Deodato amazes me with his artwork, each panel arrangement a feast for the eyes, each panel brimming with a thousand details. The silhouette work was especially effective here. And oh, those savage squirrels!

Keep this book of this quality and, even if I am not reading the rest of the franchise these days, I will still Make Mine New Avengers.