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Review: New Avengers #12

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 05/12/2011 - 11:15

Two potential shockers this time around in New Avengers #12 for readers who have been patient enough to wade through the 1950s diatribe of Fury and the “Avengers Initiative” of the day: one revealed, one to be revealed (what was in Faux-Skull’s brief case?).

More than any of its fellows, New Avengers since its relaunch has had the feel of an “Avenger-y” book. I loved the first issues, but this WW II redux, I thought, maybe belonged in Secret Avengers rather than here since that is where the former Cap and Fury have lived of late. I am trusting the story ability of Brian Michael Bendis that what comes out of Faux-Skull’s briefcase will somehow tie into resuscitation for the long-suffering and gunshot Mockingbird. Will it be the Infinity Formula perhaps?

Some nice character scenes this time around, with Fury against Faux-Cap (a lot of faux in this issue), Wolverine interrogating the HAMMER captive, Hawkeye watching the surgery of his ex, and the final page exchange – excellent!

Of course, making all this 2011/1959 stuff palatable is the great artwork of Mike Deodato and Howard Chaykin. Really, really good stuff. I hope Mike signs onto this book for the long haul. His work is what made Secret Avengers so enjoyable as it left the gate.

I am anxious to follow up on the last page shocker as well as our 1959 “connection” – whatever that may be – and get this team rolling into some other present day adventures. Having done it when my mother was ill years ago, I can tell you just watching folks sitting around the hospital is not entertaining to me in the least.

Let’s get clobberin’!