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Review: New Avengers #11

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 04/13/2011 - 18:38

While I am still liking this two-time period adventure of the “New” Avengers and the “First” Avengers (?) in 2011 and 1959 (the year after I was born!) respectively, the aroma of “the trades” wafted down the Time Tunnel in New Avengers #11, just slightly reminding me that my favored method of writing – for the monthly book, not for the collected trade – may be as dead as Marvel Cosmic itself seems sometimes.

Be that as it may, I am throwing caution to the wind and stating that this Avengers book is by far my favorite at the moment. I love the fact that writer Brian Michael Bendis gathered a team who has connections going back years (even before New Avengers Vol. 1, No. 1), who are like a family and who would ordinarily be together anyway. Not that I do not want a fresh face every now and then, but it has been fun to see the same-old same-old at that big eating table in Avengers Mansion these days. Certainly hope the current crew has a long run. (Ben and Spidey now on two teams together? Wow!)

Back to the complaint: What really reeks of “trade” is the slowness with which Bendis is dealing with the shooting and possible death of Mockingbird. I mean, it has been a few issues since Bobbi got blasted and she is just now making her way into the ER?! I understand the time lag is from month to month, but even in “Marvel time” I am sure she woulda bleeded out by now.

If this is the “eighties lady’s” swan song (in keeping with a bird motif), I do hope we get the Black Widow or another really strong non-powered player in here. I always enjoyed these types among the gods and muscled mortals of the Assemblers. (Please do not let it be Squirrel Girl!)

I liked seeing the 1959 team (Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, Sabretooth, Namora, Kraven, Dominic Fortune, Ulysses Bloodstone and the Silver Sable) come charging from the truck; I wish they had been yelling an “Avengers Assemble” equivalent. Bummer! Was “OK, Nazis, Here We Come!” still being used?

Bar none, this is the best-looking Avengers book on the stands! I like Mike Deodato’s take on this team (especially Ben) and am looking forward to more, and of course Howard Chaykin on Fury is worth the price of admission alone. (Love that Namora-on-a-whale entrance; a literal splash page, lol!)

Keep up the great work in both eras, guys. But let’s get to the gravy with Mockingbird and connecting up the two eras, shall we? (At least Hawkeye has been informed about his ex; nice touch, that.)