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Review: The Mighty Thor #3

Posted By: chrisb
Tue, 06/21/2011 - 21:29

The die has been cast, the Mighty Volstagg has waged war on the residents of Broxton, and nothing will ever be the same! They should have just let him show them how to make deer omelets and blood sausage! But as he tries to recruit his fellow Asgardians into his childish folly, the true battle wages between the Odinson and the Herald of Galactus. One that will force the Asgardians to don armor strong enough to withstand the bitter cold of dead space!

Fraction's third installment of the Mighty Thor begins quite comically and then, in the blink of an eye, transcends into one of the most enthralling one on one battles seen in recent years. With crushing blows and tongue lashings to boot, one cannot help but to salivate over the gorgeous renderings laid out before us by the hand of Olivier Coipel. Whether leaving us with a vision of a sheet clad Lady Sif or slamming the Surfer's board into the spine of a raging Thor, Coipel astounds the readers each and every time - leaving us with disbelief on how he so easily makes every panel outshine the last. Just wait to gape in awe at the sight of Galactus sitting beside the American flag as it rests upon the moon!

Fraction's tale of the Silver Surfer attempting to obtain the Life Seed of The World Tree from the likes of Odin, isn't one that will move the reader anywhere emotionally - but it sure will satiate your hunger for "in your face" action! This is a good, fun read that takes place before all the devastation of Fear Itself. It is filled with glimpses of comedy, traces of intrigue (just what is Loki trying to do in Sif's chambers?) and a heaping helping of old fashioned smash mouth fisticuffs! It is the perfect read to escape the clutches of the summer humidity that drains the energy from every pore. It is invigorating and exciting, and has that nostalgia feel about it that harkens back to the days where "King" Kirby made the same two characters spring to life on the page. It is an endorphin fueled slugfest that will put a smile on every fan's face!

And when I say every fan - I'm mostly aiming at all you cosmic fans! Surfer, Galactus and Volstagg uttering the word, "Space"; Fraction is giving you fans something to look forward to in issue four. Asgardians going cosmic? I say, "Have at Thee!"