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Review: Mighty Avengers #8 (Ewing)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 03/12/2014 - 18:00

A brilliant extended “Roy Thomas story" by Al Ewing continues in Mighty Avengers #8 as we join Blue Marvel on one of his mysterious, globa James Bond-ish advemtures. And boy, does this one have unexpected concequences.

While we have fun with Adam, Monica and Shulkie in the old school superhero world of Blue Marvel, the important meat of the issue is Ava Ayala and her possession by the Tiger God.

Power Man 2.0 is concerned about his lady love and cannot understand why his fellow assemblers seem to be ignoring Ava for other world-shattering matters. I must say Ewing utilizes Marvel reality beautifully (another Rick Remender) by having the team trying to contact everyone from Wiccan (natch!) to Clea. (I did not even know Clea was back on Earth?)

And it beggars in the back of my mind that there is a character, a team member not present who has been talking via dimensional intercom to evil sorcerers (Kaluu) which makes me wonder if Ronin is not Blade as “leaked” but perhaps … Brother/Doctor Voodoo?

No mystic guest appearance here, though, and the book is all the better for that as Ava herself combats her inner demon (Tiger God). How that turns out will amaze you and make you stand up and cheer. (Honest!)

The Bond adventure quickly goes from Silver Age cornball (fun) to serious, though, as an unseen element enters in the villain’s camp (and not the one I expected when reading issue #6 again before buying this mag). The price involved is also a shocker for Blue Marvel fans.

Al Ewing is quickly making a new type of Avengers book: Classic Marvel NOW. It is also becoming my favorite Avengers book in my dwindling pull list.

While I do miss Greg Land and his bold approach to these fresh characters under Luke’s leadership, Valerio Schiti is doing a wonderful job and there are no complaints whatsoever. Action goes fast and furious (best displayed here in the fun and thrilling first Blue Marvel sequence) and drama is heavy (some great talking heads here). If Land does not return, Schiti is fun … er, fine with me.

I cannot wait for next issue, a feeling I do not have with many other books these days.