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Review: Mighty Avengers #7 (Ewing)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Fri, 02/28/2014 - 00:27

One of the best issues in a book that is quickly making its way up the Avengers franchise quality corner on my pull list.

Mighty Avengers #7 follows up on a long-ago plot thread when Gideon Mace murdered the parents of the White Tiger. We get some great insight into the character of Aya Ayala here as well as that of her Tiger God. And there is no doubt about it, this is one powerful god indeed. And herein, he is on the hunt.

Back at Mighty Avengers HQ, writer Al Ewing’s “Roy Thomas issue” continues as we get reactions from the Avengers Assembled, especially the leadership – and later in the book, the sheer power -- of Monica Rambeau. I am sure Power Man 2.0 will be studying on his shattered heart as the Tiger sums up Aya's feelings for him in no uncertain terms. Equally, Falcon’s concern and relationship with Luke Cage are nice to see, especially after Luke made that Captain America faux pax a few issues ago.

Of surprise was the swiftness with which the Tiger God took out the Living Weapon, Iron Fist. While not a member of the team, it was good to see Danny in action here … and very natural, a feeling that permeates this book.

Scribe Ewing even brings us some threads from the “Inhumanity” tie-in issues here, and we are apparently going to see more and more of Cortex.

A solo character issue which features multiple Avengers team members, a simple story with complex connections to the past, and the fantastic art of Valerio Schiti.

Perhaps the best Avengers story, and book, to come down the pike yet. Fun read.