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Review: Marvel Zombies Supreme #5

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 06/29/2011 - 22:11
Jack of Hearts is back and swinging; the stunning conclusion to Marvel Zombies Supreme, from writer Frank Marraffino and artist Fernando Blanco, is here!
The Zero Fluid that makes up Jack of Hearts was used to energize the cloned Squadron Supreme - and the zombie hoard that is threatening to break out of Project Pegasus to devour the regular Marvel Universe (616)! All that stands in the way are a resurrected Jack of Hearts and a small collection of brave heroes. The numbers are overwhelmingly on the side of the Zombies, and the outlook looks grim.
Jack has slowly regained his senses only to witness Jill Harper be devoured by the zombified Squadron Supreme member Shape. Jack goes on the attack to aid the first person to help him after his return from oblivion, and he realizes that his power may be the cause and the cure to the epidemic. Many thanks go out to Marraffino and Blanco as they combine to give us this wonderful return of Jack of Hearts. Myself and many other Marvel Cosmic fans have waited years for this - and they don't disappoint. Jack displays the humor, affection, raw power and compassion that I have missed from my all time favorite Marvel hero. 
What is next for our favorite Half-Contraxian Zero Fluid pumping hero? I don't know, but his return has been done right, and I cant wait to see what awaits him - hopefully in the near future. Get Marvel Zombies Supreme #1-5 if you want to enjoy the revival of a much beloved Marvel Cosmic character.