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Review: Marvel Zombies Destroy! #1

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 05/09/2012 - 17:49

Marvel has released another "Zombies" series to tear your soul asunder!

This time it's Marvel Zombies Destroy! and Dum Dum Dugan is at the fore front against a parallel world filled with Nazis Zombies!

Frank Marraffino is back again to give us a rip roaring good time! Howard the Duck recruits Dum Dum to be part of A.R.M.O.R. in an attempt to put down the Third Reich who has succeeded in literally creating a thousand year reign! As the Nazis have conquered their own world, they now seek to spread their newly dis-formed version of fascism to others! And this gives Blitzkrieg a whole new meaning, as the lightning strikes fast — not from a gun, but from a bite!

I love these Marvel Zombies series that Marvel keeps putting out. It's just a sit-back-and-relax kinda comic. Sure, you know what you are getting - zombies - but it's exciting each time to see the story unfold, as you really never know what is coming next! A favorite hero from the Marvel U. might pop up — or get taken down! The Marvel Zombies series tend to use the lesser known characters, and with that comes a bit of freedom. A freedom which only adds to the excitement and anticipation because no one is safe! And we see that with the very first Marvel Zombies Destroy! issue as the body parts are a flyin'!

With Dum Dum and Howard the Duck onboard, to make up the rest of the team Marrafino has brought together a surly band! Red Raven, Eternal Brain, Gur, Dragoon, Blazing Skull, Flexo, Breeze Barton, Dynaman and Taxi Taylor are here as well to rid the Universes of the Nazi threat! (Maybe M.E. Byron Brewer can give us some background on these virtual unknowns(?) in his Brew's Crew articles!)

Mirco Pierfederci is on art chores for this series and provides a good cross between the necessary horror element that comes with a zombie chomp-fest such as this, but also a bit of humor with the aforementioned Master of Quack-Fu! And Pierfederici gives us a final page filled with a certain WWII team created by Roy Thomas and artist Sal Buscema! Let's just say: remember the Nazis won — and are invading!

I believe subsequent issues are coming to us from Peter David, due to Marrafino coming down with a bug. Hopefully, it's not a zombie virus and Frank gets back to us fast!

Fun issue!