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Review: Justice League: War

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 02/16/2014 - 23:46


Warner Bros. latest animated movie has been out digitally for sometime with Justice League: War, which sees the DC heroes counter an invasion from Darkseid.

To be honest, I wasn't quite sure to expect after watching Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox as I was literally left with my mouth wide open after the viewing. While The Flashpoint Paradox was rated PG-13, I felt it could easily have been Rated-R with the amount of gore and violence. In addition, there was really nothing heroic, inspiring or likeable about any of the characters: the definition of a superhero.

And that's what I saw with Justice League: War, but even more so.

The dialogue in Justice League: War was atrocious; the worst I've probably ever seen in any animated movie or regular film. The obscene language felt forced and was unneeded. None of the characters were relatable or appealing, save for Batman. In keeping with the theme of the Man of Steel movie, we see WB is attempting to indoctrinate their audience into believing that Superman regularly kills and snaps people's necks. Note to Zack Snyder and Jay Oliva: Superman NEVER killed in the comic books prior to Doomsday. And sorry, the pocket universe of Kryptonians doesn't count. Green Lantern comes off as a complete jackass wearing a soccer uniform (design was terrible, guys). I'm guessing they used what the CW didn't want in regards to the defunct Amazon TV series as Wonder Woman was used in an ice cream scene. She had to be the worst presented character of the bunch. I didn't like Cyborg's design; didn't like Billy Baston (I also can't stand the hood). Does every kid in comics have to be a punk (Marvel does it, too)?

Then there were the villains.

Darkseid was absolutely useless: nothing more than a punching bag for the Justice League. Fans of Michael Ironside will be deeply disappointed by what they get with this version in Justice League: War. Likewise for the Parademons, which were generic brainless brutes that did nothing but swarm all over the place. As most of the movie had the Justice League battling the Parademons - all of which were the same - the movie quickly became dull and almost monotonous.

Also questionable is the lack of Aquaman. We see the numerous world engines(?) are placed in the water with some of the battle taking place over the ocean. While we were provided an Aquaman reference in the post-credit scene, he was still noticeably absent.

I felt Justice League: War was lacking in just about everything. There was no story to hook the viewer or make one care about any of the characters (actually it did just the opposite in that I couldn't stand them). The villains were lackluster which only added to the overall generic feel of the movie as well.

DC needs to go back to superhero school and learn what it's all about.

This gets a one-star rating from me.