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Review: Justice League United #1

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Fri, 05/16/2014 - 21:00

I don’t know if fans today still recall writer Gardner Fox, but there is so much materials out there, so many “essentials,” that surely this man’s stuff, as well as many homages by Len Wein, live on.

The light and fun approach Jeff Lemire is taking with Justice League Canada .. er uh, Justice League United … reminds me of Fox and is a most welcome one. And I think that sooner or later a large number of fans will appreciate it. After going through the guts and gore, the grit and depression with Batman and minions, sit back for a little adventures in DCU outer space (and Moosonee, Ontario) with the JLU.

One reviewer complained this issue featured our heroes “boringly” combating the same villain over and over. Boring? When I began reading comics, that comprised the majority of comic books’ innards. I know the FF and Spidey brought more to the table, but there is just nothing like a good ol’ slobberknocker! Let’s see the superheroes BE super, let them display their powers as they do here (Is Green Arrow the only Leaguer herein who cannot fly? Interesting.), and not have too many books with panels featuring head after head after head after head. Argh!

In JLU #1 (really #2. lol), we see Doctor Strange (!) become Adam Strange with the helmet and jetpack for the first time in the New 52. We see the brave and noble Alanna rally the troops. We witness Stargirl and J’onn J’onzz team up for the fight of their lives. (Stargirl IS cosmic!) And best of all, some real-life MB (monster bashing). Can’t beat that.

I have nothing but good things to say about the way Lemire is handling this book along with the superb and very fitting retro art of Mike McKone. Just exhilarating!

Add this one to your pull list, and let’s try to keep the cosmic adventures flowing a bit longer than 2013’s sensation, Justice League of America, lasted … even WITH 50 variant covers. Fun book.