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Review: Justice League International #1

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 09/06/2011 - 22:14

Booster Gold. I really love the character. I really love the premise. And I really want to follow the character.

Sadly, that doesn't appear to be the case here with the DC Relaunch. 

I expected a bit more from Dan Jurgens, creator of Booster Gold. This issue, just fell flat to me. It seemed devoid of plot, character - and even the art seemed rather dull.

There wasn't a whole lot involved other than the U.N putting a team of Super Heroes together as an answer to the Justice League. Heroes who could really care if they were apart of the team or not - and it even had, probably, the most exciting character exit the team. 

The dialogue was choppy as well, and, all in all, it read as if these characters didn't really belong on the same page together. I would much rather have had a Booster Gold solo title launched, as I feel he works best on his own - with skeets.

And the big villains reveal at the end of the book matched this feeling of apathy just as well.

I gave DC the benefit of the doubt and have decided to give all 52 of their new titles a shot.

Justice League International #1 didn't hook me in, and I will not be getting the second issue.