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Review: Justice League #9

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 05/16/2012 - 18:25

Justice League#9 not only returns the team of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee to these pages and begins the saga that has been seeded since issue #1 about the new villain Graves, it also shows us some hero background in vignette form like Roy Thomas’ Avengers used to do in its heyday.

And hey, this is definitely the day of Justice League. On every point – plot, script, art and flow – this is the book others are looking to in the comics world (readers, not the suits) and saying “Wow!”

We have your small Superman/Batman team-up (with slight interference from Cyborg). We have your Flash/Green Lantern team-up (with slight interference from Wonder Woman) that brings a lot of comedy to this otherwise dark tale. And for all the assembled Leaguers, we have some B&W background that tells us these are still people, not “gods among us.”

Stuck on the latter theme is Graves (who introduced it in the first place, and named the League at that), bringing his power to bear upon a series of familiar villains as well as jilted Wonder Woman lover Col. Steve Trevor.

Trevor in the New 52 (at least at the end of #9) seems to be playing the role of Snapper Carr. Guess we will have to see what is going down on the satellite (and hopefully we will be on Watchtower, not just seeing it on printed page TV) next month.

I am already stoked to see what Trevor does and how the League handles this newest, most personal threat.

As far as I am concerned, despite box office, Justice League remains the best team book on the LCS racks today!