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Review: Justice League #8

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 04/18/2012 - 18:58

For the answer to the question, “Has this New 52 Justice League had any members except the ”˜Super Seven?’” look no further than the conclusion of this adventure.

You may be surprised who it was -- and then again you may not!

What is definite is that Green Arrow will not be joining the current League lineup, at least for now. But that does not mean you can safely skip this story because Ollie will be working with someone closely associated with the League. Who knows where that might lead?

Although without Jim Lee’s talented pencils guiding Geoff Johns’ story along some may consider this a fill-in, it is no such thing. Like last issue, plot threads are scattered all over the place for future issues, some involving what may have happened in between this League’s 6-ish origin story and #7. And of those revelations, two are -- well, wild!

DC has so desperately tried to do a team book that was exciting and interesting while at the same time using its Grade A superheroes. Now I know Justice League has had many starts and stops as a book, but I think we may just have come upon the right formula -- and at the right time, just as The Avengers seem to be breaking down in order to present a movie, a super-event and wring the last out of Brian Michael Bendis as Marvel can!

To Justice League #8 in specific: A wonderful tale, letting those of us not buying the Green Arrow book see the fresh incarnation of Ollie and also how closely Justice League is trying to link to the world DC is building (Batman, Justice League Dark and perhaps Stormwatch this very issue!)

And the return of -- Amazo! lol

I cannot wait for the new Johns/Lee arc to begin with #9.