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Review: Justice League #2

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 10/20/2011 - 22:33

I felt this one to be better than the first; it had more of what I would consider the "Justice League" as not only Superman was featured, but Batman, Green Lantern and The Flash. Of course, as we saw with #1, Cyborg's character is getting a big push from DC - which is fine in my book - and we'll get a little estrogen next issue to balance out all the testosterone, as well.

Johns did a great job with the characters, each had a real voice of their own, and I found myself especially following Batman. As each of the characters seemed to reveal a clue about their real identity, sans the Bat, you know Bruce was just soaking all the info in, as he could use it against them if need be.

At first I wasn't big on the fact that Johns and Lee were setting the first arc of Justice League five years in the past; however, after the second issue, I am sold. We are getting all this great character build up, at first they may not get along - and we are witness to some awesome Jim Lee art (Supes vs The Flash, anyone?), as they progress toward forming that super team in the face of not only a dire threat, but a threat that humanity offers to them, as well.

The art of Jim Lee and Scott Williams is just mind blowing; this team needs to stick on this book for infinity. As I mentioned the Superman vs. Flash fight, be sure to check out the Green Lantern vs. Big Blue battle, too. Lee might draw the best darn Superman, I have ever seen, and is the make or break on this book, for me.

This issue sees some added back-ups which are supposed to offset the $3.99 price tag. I welcome them. We learn about a certain marvelous super hero, and are given some cool character designs.

Justice League #2 is a solid issue and a must buy in my book.