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Review: Jupiter's Legacy #3

Posted By: cbushley
Fri, 09/27/2013 - 14:06

Your father is the greatest super hero that ever lived, but you will always be in his shadow. The worst part is that he reminds you of it constantly, you will never be good enough to up hold your legacy no matter what you do! But, what if you are not the only one that loathes and resents him for his arrogance? What if there are others out there that have had enough as well, others that are willing to band together to "remove" the obstacle that has always been holding you back?

That is the premise of the third issue of Mark Millar's brutally honest look into the dark secrets of a superhero family. It is a story that has been told countless times, being felt across the ages as son strives to become a man worthy of his father respect, but Millar puts his patented spill of brutality on that classic coming of age tale and creates something wholly unique in the process.

Known for his over the top sensationalism, Mark Millar combines with superstar artist, Frank Quitely, in order to create one of the most brutal issues I have ever read. This issue is a non-stop blitzkrieg that will shock and astound you and, most definitely, leave you wanting more! But, it is not the overtly callous actions thrust upon a supreme family that makes this such a fantastic book, it is the underlying tale of treachery and deceit that truly holds sway over the reader. It is the slow prodding by a jealous uncle, the final push of a nephew over the point of no return that will resonate far longer as a great read than just the visual destruction of a family. Not that what happens to Brandon's poor mother or his father's final moments at his own hands won't be with you for a VERY long time, but it is that old morality play done with a Millarian twist that will stay with you forever!

If you haven't been reading this book, don't start with this issue! I beseech you to travel far and wide to find all three issues and read them in one sitting in order to fully enjoy this mesmerizing tale before it jumps ahead nine years for issue #4! But remember, you don't have to read this book, you NEED to!