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Review: Jack Hammer: Political Science #3 (of 4)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 06/30/2011 - 23:19

Whether it’s Mr. Newt or Congressman Weiner, things are odd enough in Washington D.C. without having to worry about lawmakers with super-powers. However, in the world of Detective Jack Hammer, that is a real concern and one that is creeping into this noir piece by writer Brandon Barrows.

Puzzle piece by puzzle piece, Barrows reveals a plot of diabolic description combining mob mentality, corporate chaos and political intrigue, all lying in a dark alley way for our pal Jack to solve – maybe.

This time around, detective and cop are reluctant allies in a race to save the wife of a murder victim, one who literally knew too much. As the clock ticks down, Jack and his network of allies work to solve one question: Who is “Mr. Big”? And when they do discover this, will it be curtains for our villain – or our hero?

Barrows has a great way of giving voice to this noir piece in the language of the genre, all the while making it easy for newbies to catch on board the Hammer Express. It really isn’t hard to pick up this issue, #3 of 4, and immediately know wassup!

This is some of Ionic’s best art work to date, absolutely capturing the essence of Barrows' story and making our ride through this complex plot an easy one indeed. Oh, and that cover? Wowzers!

If you like your comics action clever, tough and back-alley, the world of Jack Hammer is for you.