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Review: Invincible #118

Posted By: timelord
Sun, 04/05/2015 - 20:24

Now here’s a true cosmic comic book.

This issue marks a major change in direction for the Invincible storyline with Mark and Even immigrating to Telescria to begin a new life with their new baby.  This story chronicles their first day on the planet and their catching up with old friends and relatives.  Oliver, now grown, makes a surprise visit and it’s always good to see Alan.

Their new life is not without peril and heartache, though, as you’ll see with Mark’s PTSD symptoms in dealing with his recent rape and with the totally unexpected final page cliffhanger.

Kirkman and Ottley are a writer-artist dream team.  Mark’s story remains as compelling today after 118 issues as it was in Issue #1.  It just goes to show you that Kirkman can break the mold and allow a character to grow, change, and mature over time – and still keep readers interested.  Kirkman can also tell a true cosmic story aimed at adults where the space setting is central.  There is humor, but he doesn’t make his cosmic stories into a farce.  The humor flows naturally.  Marvel could learn a lot by emulating him.

Ottley’s art remains as amazing as ever.  I look forward to his work and can’t wait to see what he renders every issue.

This issue is priced at only .25 cents as it’s aimed at bringing new readers aboard for this new phase of Mark’s life.  So check it out.  Good cosmic comics need to be rewarded and trust me, you’ll be hooked by this one.