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Review: Incredible Hulks #632

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 07/15/2011 - 14:53

Spectacular issue!

This is the fifth or sixth time I have paged though Incredible Hulks #632, as it is a gorgeous rendering of good ol' Greenskin!

Pak and Pelletier give us one hell of an issue - filled with monsters, mayhem and Incredible Hulk bashing, smashing and stomping! In short, it is everything a Hulk fan could ask for and more!

The current arc on Hulks, "Heart Of The Monster," is superstar writer Greg Pak's send off that sees the phrase "be careful what you wish for..." come to frutition - Hulk style. Tyranus' Fountain of Youth has turned things upside down as it is really a wishing well, of sorts, with the Hulk family wishing their giant green, red and blue hearts out, causing all sorts of trouble.

One of the wishes causes a Hulk rogues gallery to appear with Arm'Chedon, the leader of the Troyjan army, attempting to take his revenge on the Green Goliath for killing his two sons ("Troyjan War" from PAD's run - awesome!). The diabolical leader will spare no one in his attempt to get back at Bruce as he gets ahold of A-Bomb and She-Hulk, Jen Walters.

Pelletier excels at depicting the emotion that is necessary for a Hulk book - as it is not just ground and pound - but an emotional tug of war between the anger within and the forces with out. And he does an amazing job at that! There is no Hulk artist that does a better job displaying the raw emotion - just look at She-Hulk as she is plucked and prodded!

Amadeus Cho is on hand to calm the hulking Banner as he knows the madder the Hulk gets - the more destruction is created! Which isn't good for anyone. However, the Hulk's anger can only be kept at bay for so long! Which doesn't spell well for Arm'Chedon! A battle such as this has not been seen since the Green Scar took on Earth's Mightiest in New York, as the Hulk unleashes all his inner fury! 

I guarantee you if this was the Hulk that appeared in "Fear Itself #4" - Thor would not be standing! "The Worthy?" Hulk is the strongest there is!

As the issue was filled with devastation that only a Hulk could be responsible for, Greg Pak includes a touching moment from Banner in regards to his best friend and cousin. No spoilers, but Banner is a man amongst men - and one I consider to be the "strongest" there is, as well!

Fabulous issue, and the last page made it even better! This is what comic books are made of!