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Review: I, Vampire #1 (Fialkov & Sorrentinto)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 09/29/2011 - 00:07

The issues sees two vampires, (a brother and sister? lovers? both? I couldn't tell) at odds with each other as the male is akin to "Team Edward" who obstains from human flesh, but with a twist - as he apparently hunts his own. Meanwhile, his female counterpart feels vampirism has set her free, and seeks to wage war against the citizens of earth, aliens and costumes alike.

I was confused as the issue seemed to go back and forth in history (I believe) as it showed the two in the present, yet flashbacked to the past where the female Vampire, Mary, first turns; however, this was not made clear. I suppose the reasoning was to build some sort of emotional connection with the reader and the male Vampire, Andrew, as he is conflicted in his attempt to destroy her. How and why they became vampires in the first place is unknown, we weren't give that information, and we weren't given the reasoning as to why they all were turned. The issue seemed to build too much upon that emotional tension between vampires you read or see about in the Twilight films or Anne Rice novels.

It is hinted there is a war on the horizon between the likes of the Vampires and the heroes of Earth, namely the Justice League. However, I would turn DC's attention to their direct competition, who also introduced Dracula's brethen into their mutated society - to utter failure in this reviewer's opinion.

There wasn't much about this book that drew me in. Vampires are "been there done that" a gazillion times over - especially the bleeding heart "woe is me" types. This one isn't for me.