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Review: Hypernaturals #4

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 10/11/2012 - 16:06



I thought Bewilder had captured my sci-fi lovin’ heart until this month’s Q-flashback in The Hypernaturals #4.

Every issue, writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning flash back to some important moment in Hypernaturals history, and this issue is a beaut as we are introduced 81 years in the past to … Clone 21, “the first of the Greats!”

Part Storm, part Shanna, this celestial she-devil took command back then at the very first civil war since the beginning of the Quantinuum. And wow! Talk about rock ‘em-sock ‘em action. I hope the stylish recruiting poster for new Hypernaturals also included in this issue is not the last we have seen of Laney Madewell (what is this, a new James Bond flick? Lol).

Fast-forward to the Quantinuum of “now” as the search continues for the Centennial Year Iteration of the cosmic team, which is apparently lost in space. Vets from past iterations – Thinkwell, Bewilder and Prismatica – as well as newbies like Shoal and the second Halfshell have gone in search of the team, and returned as failures.

While one survivor – the comatose Ego – has been discovered and is at HN HQ, the vets have headed to the cosmic prison of Sublime to see how he, they have surmised, has been controlling these shenanigans from his well-guarded (an understatement!) jail cell. Sublime, of course, denies any personal involvement even as he narrates the madness of a waking Ego and his battle with a returned, powered Clone 45.

Prismatica is especially ill to see Sublime since the villain years ago altered her husband’s state to that of a child. She storms out as word comes from HQ that havoc is ongoing … but not before she takes a cryptic crumpled note from Sublime.

I know there is always thought that such complex stories are not favorable for new readers, but as one who entered the pages of The Avengers during the middle of a complex Roy Thomas/John Buscema Kang piece, it can be done. Just hang on and enjoy.

And complex space opera this is, the finest kind from DnA, with adventure coming from character and plots that are human-based. And the art this issue by Tom Derenick and Andres Guinaldo was top-notch. Even though I miss Brad Walker’s contribution, the consistency of the art and its quality has been keeping up with DnA’s fine scripts.

I could not imagine how this story, this world-building and mystery-solving could be any better … and then I get the next issue of Hypernaturals.

For the comic fan, for the sci-fi aficionado, for the superhero enthusiast, this BOOM! Studios offering has it all!