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Review: Harbinger #8

Posted By: chrisb
Thu, 01/24/2013 - 11:42

Joshua Dysart is a true craftsman when it comes to immersing a reader into the emotional duress of a character. From the first issue, where we were introduced to the most powerful junkie you will ever meet, Peter Stancheck, to this week's broken and formidable, Torque; Dysart makes these characters compelling from the moment you meet them. He gives them a sense of "normalcy," a relatable aura that makes a reader want to follow them through their ever more chaotic world. It is the work of a true craftsman that makes this book so rich each and every month, Joshua Dysart is at the top of his craft.

Issue #8 introduces us to another new character, Torque, a backwoods hillbilly that has dreams of smashing badguys and bedding women. Such lofty dreams for one such as Torque may never come to fruition, but I will not spoil Dysart's compelling tale by telling you why! It is a page turning journey you must take on your own in order to fully appreciate the true depth of Torque. He is an amalgam weakness and power that is reminiscent of a few other comic heroes, but taken to an entirely different level. A level of excitement and duress that may actually change the wishes of this newly "born" hero by books end. And by books end, Peter may be looking for a whole lot more recruits to his cause against Harada, not because he has the room -- but because he may need replacements! 

As the Renegades continue to gain members, not only have they caught the attention of Toyo Harada, but they have also incurred the wrath of Project Rising Stars. This does not bode well for our ragtag team of "heroes," for we all know who P.R.S' little toy is -- Bloodshot! This is the stepping stone into the upcoming "Harbinger Wars" storyline and you don't want to miss a thing!

So, get to your local comic shop and demand a copy of Harbinger #8 -- you won't regret it!