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Review: Harbinger #5

Posted By: chrisb
Fri, 10/19/2012 - 13:37

The Harada Foundation has been built to train and enhance the psychic potential of humanity. To help them become the best at their own abilities, to evolve them further than they would have been able to on their own. All this for the betterment of the world at large. Or so they are told!

Issue five of this amazing series, will wrap up the initial storyarc and eviscerate a path into the next one! Toyo Harada and Peter Stancheck, the Alpha and Omega, will tear this world asunder in order to defy one another. But will the boy who rose from streets, an addict with nothing to lose, be able to stop the monster that is Toyo Harada? Not on his own! Thus begins the expansion of the Valiant Universe and the arrival of -- The Renegades!

Fast paced and hard hitting, Harbinger has consistently been a top-notch book every month! Filled with emotional duress and outstanding action sequences, Joshua Dysart has taken a concept and characters from the past and evolved them to a level that outshines everything that came before! The character of Peter Stancheck, is such a sorrowful icon - a character that is broken emotionally and is continually left to suffer. He literally has nothing left after this issue and that makes him a very dangerous character. One that we, as readers, can identify and empathize with. He is the everyman bestowed with a power that others seek to exploit with a chesire grin on their lips and a knife behind their back. 

This is the defiance issue, where some background characters make a decision to push themselves to the forefront and finally do something about the tyranny of Harada. It is a fundamental need to preserve oneself, but at what cost. Is it worth the lives of others in order to do so? That is the core of this book. What does it take in order for someone to do the right thing for someone else? It is a question well thought out and executed in this series, making it as effective emotionally as it is visually stunning!

This is where the battle lines have been drawn! The Valiant Universe is about to become a very different, very dangerous place and your have a front row seat!

Be bold, be daring, be -- Valiant!