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Review: Guardians 3000 #6

Posted By: timelord
Sat, 04/04/2015 - 17:19

Finally, a good cosmic comic book from Marvel!

And, of course, they’ve cancelled it.  They’ll keep NINO on life support and double-down on the bad NINO formula with PC-NINO-ette, but they’ll not keep a good and true cosmic comic like G3K going even though it sells better than NINO.  Go figure.  Typical Brevoort and Alonso “leadership.”

Abnett winds a fantastic tale of cosmic adventure and time travel – in the first good story featuring both the original team and the movie-influenced team.  The pace is rapid, the dialogue is snappy, the humor isn’t forced or overbearing, it’s not played as a farce, the space-time aspects are central to the story.  In other words, we have an actual true cosmic comic aimed at adults on our hands!  Hooray!  It’s about time (no pun intended). 

To top it off, we have better art this time out.  It’s more photo-realistic with cleaner lines and non-exaggerated features – avoiding the jarring out-of-proportion depictions of the team and toothy facial expressions that plagued the first 5 issues.

In short, this is what cosmic fans have been asking for over the past several years.  Brevoort hated it before it ever got out of the gate, and Marvel has given it absolutely no promotion.  Yet is sells better than NINO – who has been given every chance in the world.  Of course, NINO will be back, but G3K will probably not get such a reprieve.  Brilliant leadership, Bonso, absolutely brilliant.

Go out and buy multiple copies of this book.  Let it at least go out on a high note.  That will send Bonso a clear message.  Down with NINO.  Give us more G3K!!!