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Review: Grifter #8

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 04/12/2012 - 15:37

This flatline series that was heightened last issue by the appearance of Midnighter from Stormwatch falls back to its regular dull self with #8.

Now if you have been following Grifter since September, then this may be a highlight for you as it is brother against -- well, dead brother. Otherwise, you will probably find this alien-filled issue as boring as I did. (And that is hard with aliens!)

This month, the world's greatest con artist byronically finds himself the victim of a Daemonite grift, forcing him to make a choice: die at their blue hands, or kill -- his own brother! Repeat: His dead brother.

Cole fights his way to his own finish line in the streets of gay Paris, amid the fires of burning alien bodies. And the page turning could not go slower!

While the art team of Daniel Sampere, Dave Beaty and Mark McKenna turns in passable work which helps move this ho-hum tale along, Nathan Edmondson’s script seems overly bogged down, making even the “exciting moments” molasses thick.

I for one amwondering if Grifter can be saved by anyone before the next wave washes it from the New 52 shores forever!