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Review: Grifter #6

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 02/15/2012 - 17:35

For DC The New 52’s Grifter series, only seven words are true: Rob Liefeld cannot get here fast enough!

What started in September as a dynamic and personal battle between a great and mysterious con man and a cunning alien race has devolved into -- well, into Grifter #6. Poor plotting and story and God-awful art produce a very unmemorable opus which was supposed to be a climax in storytelling as the Black Curate arrived.


I have a feeling the probability is that either Nathan Edmondson knows his creative clock is ticking because of Liefeld’s coming arrival and is just shoving at the reader in this crude form what might have been a sterling and scintillating story, OR steadily falling sales numbers on Grifter have just left the writer indifferent and uninventive.

I mean, this is exciting sci-fi action with the coming of the long-hinted-at kingpin of this adventure and while the Green Lanterns are buzzing and the Stormwatchers are exploding, Grifter is laying here on the sands getting set to be washed away, I fear, by the “Wave!”

That said, you would think maybe the artists could at least give us some pretty pictures. No soap! The stuff we get from Scott Clark and his inkers and colorist hardly signals high action. It is more, I think, a similar giving-up of concepts to the next creator.

So I say: Hurry, Mr. Liefeld! Even YOU may be too late for this mess, cosmic or not!