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Review: Grifter #1 (Edmonson & CAFU)

Posted By: chrisb
Wed, 09/14/2011 - 01:07

Though there are some heavy hitters in the second week of the New 52, this is the one that I have been most looking forward to. Grifter's introduction to the DCnU is finally here and I am ecstatic!

I have read Grifter stories for years, from WildC.A.T.'s to the solo series, all the way to Point Blank - and I can clearly say this story is completely unique! Cash is still the con-man of old, but this time he is haunted by things only he can see. Things that may be out to destroy us all. Things that may just be in his own head. Regardless, it has made for one intriguing opening salvo to the DCnU, and I have yet another new book to place on my pull list.

Edmonson mixes high octane action with the schizophrenic subtleties from the likes of the movie Frailty, to create a new and intriguing chapter in the Grifter mythos. The mystery of what truly happened to Cole Cash is one that enthralls the reader, bringing a level of intrigue that hasn't been seen in a Grifter tale in quite a long time. One that pulls you in and leaves you wanting more.

Adding to the enthralling tale, is the crisp, clean and detailed renderings from CAFU. Looking at the panels, the art is reminiscent of Gary Frank's style, tight lines with great facial expressions. The action sequences are vicious, and the end panel is all you need to be yearning for next month!

Whether you are a Grifter fan or not, this is the perfect opportunity to become one! It is a great story that sets up the premise perfectly while also hitting you with a barrage of questions. Are what Grifter sees actual Daemonites from his WildC.A.T.'s days? Or are they something more sinister? Could they be the reason why the "Mystery Girl" from Flashpoint has converged the timelines? Or, could good ol' Cole just be losing it after all these years of mental duress? I will definitely be the first in line next month to try and get some answers!