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Review: Green Lantern: New Guardians #2

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 10/27/2011 - 17:26

Kyle Rayner’s new book, which is still hard to imagine as a team book rather than Kyle’s own, got a great start with its first issue. But Green Lantern: New Guardians #2 spent too much time in Times Square, not enough time on Oa, and we still do not know why Lantern 2814.4 is a ring magnet. (Is Kyle still Point 4 with Hal out of action?)

Tony Bedard does a good job of keeping the character of “worrywart Kyle” in place, but the action seems too one-sided and, well, expected, which is never a word I usually use with the Lantern books.

It was nice to pick up on the Ganthet lobotomy thread again, and especially involving Kyle and Saint Walker. But again, the (old?) Guardians do not seem to know any more about these rings than Kyle does before he is transformed into a flying cosmic crayon box. Expected!

The brilliant and fast-paced art by Tyler Kirkham, Harvey Tolibao and Batt carry this flimsy tale very well, and kudos once again and always to the sharp colors of Nei Ruffino that keeps this book looking its best.

It will be nice to get these building blocks out of the way, establish our team ( I still cannot imagine these characters on the same side, so good luck to Tony) and focus on the three real questions: Old Guardians, rings, and reason they get together and stay together.

Sooooooo: So-so issue this month. Feast for the eyes but not much in the suspense department. I shall return in November, though.