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Review: Green Lantern: New Guardians #1

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 09/28/2011 - 18:24

Even in the DCnU, sensitive artist Kyle Rayner is always the hard luck Green Lantern. As they used to sing on Hee Haw, if it were not for bad luck Kyle would have none at all.

In the opening of Green Lantern: New Guardians #1, what I hope to be a grand showcase for Rayner, writer Tony Bedard doesn’t waste time and pages on Kyle’s origin or past. Just enough is given to get us underway and – bang! -- we are in outer space where we CBN fans like to be in battle with the Khund. A Yellow Lantern strikes fear into the hearts of these warriors with his ring forms but then – pow! – the ring leaves his side and flies off toward Sector 2814.

It happens likewise around the cosmos, ring bearers becoming decommissioned and having to face the consequences of life without their WMD as it heads toward a familiar blue world ... and Kyle!

Yep, that is right, like Krona before him a few months ago Earth’s own Kyle Rayner has rings coming at him from every color in Geoff Johns’ Emotional Spectrum, all claiming Kyle as their new owner. And after them, of course, come members of those Lantern contingencies. Even hot-tempered Bleez is in Times Squareto defend the honor (?) of the Red Lanterns.

This mystery will no doubt both serve as the first arc for this new and very colorful cosmic team and also allow these different personalities from the far ends of the Lantern-verse to band together as New Guardians.

My highest compliments on this new book to Tony, who knows Kyle’s voice so well, as well as Tyler Kirkham, Batt and especially Nei Ruffino for the sharp, vivid trips through the universe. This book makes the Green Lantern mythos seem new again, and I am certainly looking forward to its varied membership and all the potential it might offer in the way of cosmic stories (just back story or “return to” trips for each member can take up the first two years) after next month’s battle royale.

I highly anticipate a quality read each and every month with this team and this crew like I received with #1, getting to know Kyle better as they explore the great unknown of the universe. And where the old Guardians and the GL Corps fits in are still anyone’s guess.

Fun, huh? That seems to be the word for these New 52!