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Review: Green Lantern: New Guardians #0

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Mon, 09/24/2012 - 17:47


That is what I asked myself when issues #1 and #2 of this magazine came to my LCS and I am still asking that question.

Why is Green Lantern: New Guardians in existence?

I was hoping the vaunted Zero Month would give me the answers, something to grab hold of and follow before “The Rise of the Third Army” storyline kicks in. I had that with Emerald Warriors, which I thought had a much nicer balance in the scheme of all things Green Lantern than does this Rainbow Coalition. But then again, I never dug how they happened to come together in the first place.

New Guardians #0 was another disappointment. It had absolutely nothing in it to cling to, although it is always nice to see Carol. But Kyle playing detective by himself and fighting virtually powerless zombies with the powered-up Ferris just did not do it for me.

This is the way to celebrate a year of New 52?!

I will be buying this title in the next four months because it is part and parcel of a storyline I know I will love, but believe me they should have saved the trees that went into making these many issues of GLNG #0 extant.

The rainbow colors I loved, as I did the idea of a team consisting of each of the ring bearers. Heck, I would even buy this if it featured the continuing story of either Kyle Rayner per se or – or hey, how about Saint Walker! Now that would be cool!

As it is, I find I get much more enjoyment out of the computer-animated Green Lantern animated TV series than this mish-mash.

Yep, unlike most of the things in the Green Lantern mythos, New Guardians is a REAL zero!