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Review: Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #10

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 05/25/2011 - 11:00

The penultimate issue of "War of the Green Lanterns" has hit -- and it hits with not much behind it, unfortunately.

Not to say this was a bad issue, but compared to it's two predecessors that were also released this week, Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #10 just couldn't compare.

What we saw happen at the end of Green lantern Corps #60 with John Stewart and Mogo, didn't even get a mention -- which I found hugely disappointing. And I mean, what John Stewart did to resolve the problem -- not the outcome.

This issue sees Hal, Guy, John and Kyle back together as they have one mission left before the finale. John and Kyle have succeeded with their task, but it is going to take all the Green Lanterns from Earth, using their newly acquired rings, to set things right with the Central Power Battery. Guy Gardner takes center stage, as he seems to have for most of "War of the Green Lanterns," where he must reach deep down inside himself to unleash the power within. Ganthet is also present, directing the Lanterns, giving them the answer they need to release Parallax.

This issue also contains a lot of talk; most likely, as with one issue remaining, they needed to resolve the various plots to move on to the conclusion. There's talk of how to free Parallax, talk of how to unleash the power, talk of reforming, and, at times, the talk even sounds "corny." Was that an attempt at some kind of new full spectrum power ring "oath" -- and a Ghostbusters reference? Just no.

The problem was, there was just too much going on. While the previous two parts released this week each centered on that particular story, here, everything had to be brought together -- and I found it all underwhelming.

Not is all lost, as the final two pages of Emerald Warriors #10 are worth a buy, and lead us to the conclusion of the "War of the Green Lanterns."

Go get'em, Guy!