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Review: Green Lantern Corps #27 (Jensen and Venditti)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 01/15/2014 - 23:04

The Durlans are really becoming a thorn in the side of the new status-quo Green Lantern Corps, and in GLC #27 the shape-shifters have developed a new super-weapon meant to counter the vaunted power rings … as if this new edict by GLC leader Hal Jordan wasn’t doing that on its own.

As much as they have done for the main book of this franchise, writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen have certainly turned John Stewart into one of the strongest, most appealing characters in the New 52 (not that he was not a hero in his own right before, but that has been embellished in this book to an almost unbelievable degree).

The writers put John, the new trainer of the recruits, through his paces here as GL Sector Houses across the universe are popping up destroyed. And in every direction they turn, it seems the GLC cannot hope to beat the plans of the Durlans. In them, Venditti and Jensen have created a wonderful foe who – guess what? – do not wear rings nor form solid light constructs.

No one loves what Geoff Johns did for this franchise more than me, but everyone who came down the cosmic pike wore a ring. Enough already, and here come the Durlans. Wonderful!

I am still not a big fan of either Bernard Chang or Sean Chen’s art on this book, but it does convey the cosmic scope well and characters, while sometimes stilted and even a bit cartoonish, are individual, and I guess that is something.

If you are looking for strong characterization and cosmic derring-do, you can do a lot worse than Green Lantern Corps #27. Good read.