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Review: Green Lantern Corps #25 (Jensen and Venditti)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 11/13/2013 - 22:01

The Dark Knight has shown up in some strange places in his past (and if you are a longtime Bats lover, you know the truth of the statement). But in the age of the New 52, his aura has not shown up anywhere as weird as Green Lantern Corps #25, which is a tie-in to the brilliant ongoing Year Zero storyline in the Bat books.

The Earth Lantern that was a hero before he was chosen by a power ring, John Stewart, takes front and center in a crime-ridden Gotham City drama as the Riddler says “lights out” to the metropolis.

A peacekeeper, Stewart must use his savvy during these dangerous times in Gotham while navigating among the plot threads being unleashed not by the Question Marked One (that a new moniker for the Riddler?) but a costumed chaos called Anarky.

I am always fascinated by the character of Stewart, and how writers Van Jensen and Robert Vanditti are molding our current hero to fit with these past characterisitics. They see Stewart much the way some current day Marvel writers see Steve Rogers (aka Captain America), as a real hero whose life has forever been dedicated to doing good moreso for the practice of doing well for mankind than for some great cosmic oath or for a buck.

That is Steve Rogers, and that is certainly John Stewart, be he in khaki or green stretchers.

The main sequence by Victor Drujiniu and Ivan Fernandez is quite competent and does carry the action nicely, but it was the flashback sequence by Allan Jefferson as inked by Rob Lean that whetted my reader’s appetite for more of this time period and more of Stewart. So cool. Kudos also to Barry Henderson whose palate kept the sequences separate and yet seamlessly mixed them together. A difficult job, I would say, given the talents involved.

The Double Vs (Van and Venditti) are making this book much more than a Green Lantern follow-through, especially with John Stewart in the spotlight. This Earth Lantern may have his day in the sun yet. Great issue!