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Review: Green Lantern Corps #22 (Venditti and Jensen)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 07/10/2013 - 16:13
The mysterious shape-shifting race from last issue continues its dire plan for the universe in Green Lantern Corps #22 as rings across the cosmos seem to be having power failures.
Right off the bat, readers should know the long-rumored death of John Stewart does not happen this issue, despite the cover of #22 and what happens with Fatality on the third moon above the planet Cheorg. (But it is a great pan on the internet rumor-mongers by the publisher.)
John, who wants to take leave, is forced into an assignment to take recruits to save a planet from a breaking dam because of his talents as an architect.
After being brought up to date on the new status quo during a great reunion with Kilowog, Stewart and crew find they are not only unable to save the dam because their rings are going bonkers again, but they are under attack by the Khund, this stemming from the outside universe's fear of the old Guardians and the GLC.
There is humor, adventure of the cosmic kind, some great looks at Lanterns new and old, and even a death (though not the one which many have been expecting).
Another great tale by Rob Venditti and Van Jensen with great visuals by Bernard Chang.
So far, I am loving this new direction in the Lantern books!