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Review: Green Lantern Corps #13

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 10/10/2012 - 08:39

The Guardians of the Universe move into high gear to bring about the downfall of their own Green Lanterns with the rise of the Third Army in Green Lantern Corps #13.

Even as the blue beings seemingly “honor” Guy Gardner with the title of Lantern Sentinel and put him in charge of a cadre escorting alien ambassadors across deep space during a time of unrest in their clime, behind the scenes the smurfs free the dread Xar from a subcell, thereby threatening Guy’s family and world.

Halfway through the mission – one that the Guardians conveniently omit John Stewart from – Gardner becomes aware of Xar’s “escape.” Half the cadre goes with an upset ambassador as the others are off to Earth with Guy.

Guess where the Guardians then teleport Xar. If you said Earth, you’d be wrong!

Meanwhile, it has become knowledge among the wee folk that Mogo, slowly but surely, is pulling himself together again. Stewart is assigned the task of helping the former planetary member of the corps, although if this is true or a ruse by the Guardians to keep Stewart from Xar’s destruction is anyone’s guess.

As they approach Saturn, Guy’s cadre encounters the Third Army for the first time. The battle and its results are not for the squeamish!

Writer Peter Tomasi does a decent job of showing how a Lantern can be torn between family and duty in this issue, as well as showing how powerful the Third Army is against any number of power rings.

The art by Cafu and Scott Hanna is competent, and certainly relays well the emotions that run throughout the story. Kudos to Gabe Eltaeb on the palette used, just perfect for such vibrant action.

All in all, GLC#13 is a decent issue that furthers the story from Green Lantern Annual #1 as the Third Army encounters the Lanterns in space and the forces spread.