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Review: Green Lantern: The Animated Adventures ("The New Guy")

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Sun, 09/30/2012 - 06:53


The Earth is in peril. It seems some renegade Manhunters – the legion of peacekeepers for the universe before the Green Lantern Corps -- have been discovered (and activated!). Their prime flaw turned out to be that they brought about peace by killing any beings (or worlds) with emotion. They destroyed entire quadrants!

With this threat to Earth, it is time for the Green Lantern to take action! But which one?


That is right. This episode of the fantastic returning Green Lantern: Animated Adventures on Cartoon Network introduces us to Guy Gardner, perhaps the most un-Green Lantern Lantern in the entire corps. From Earth, Guy represents the antithesis of everything Hal Jordan is: rude, unorganized, uninspired. And yet, those rings do not go to just anyone.

And having been away from Earth – and Carol Ferris – so long is, like his comic book inspiration, taking its toll on Hal. He discovers he has no job as a test pilot at Ferris Airways, and apparently he has been replaced by Guy as Green Lantern of Sector 2814 as well.

Guy and Hal duke it out in a comedic use of their powers and constructs just as the menace of the Manhunters raises its ugly head.

They find that working together, despite Guy’s love of the rolling news cameras, allows them to defeat a handful of Manhunters found in an ancient tomb. How they came to be here is a mystery yet to be solved, and even the Guardians did not seem to know about it.

Speaking of the Guardians, they seem their same old-fashioned benevolent selves here, not the malevolent beings of the comic quite yet. And Hal, apparently, is not in loss of a job on Oa as, due to his bravery during the Red Lanterns debacle, he has been promoted to Lantern Honor Guard and now may patrol all of Guardians space.

What new adventures will Hal find “out there”? And what about those Manhunters?

Looks to be a good new season on Green Lantern: Animated Adventures!